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About Us

Our Mission
We are a small team passionate about making kids' and parents' lives easier, healthier and more successful.
We believe that health, lifestyle, and thinking patterns that lead to success, are built in childhood, and we're committed to helping families achieve this goal.

We know from our own experience how beneficial proper physical activity can be for one’s vitality and mood.
We realise that today's fast-paced lifestyle can make it difficult to incorporate physical activity into your child's routine, because we face difficulties on a daily basis in maintaining a balance between our physical activity and performing our tasks such as work, studying, and projects, as well.

While the official recommendation for daily physical activity is 60 minutes, the reality is that humans, and especially children need much more to truly thrive both physically and mentally.

That's why we're developing a range of products designed to create an environment for physical activities, while also saving parents time and resources.
We have a lot of inspiration thanks to our studio cat. Ath is a super curious and active young cat, just like kids! He adores physical activities, such as climbing, jumping, and overcoming obstacles. We think children may learn the same way Ath does, through activities!

Ath always takes an active part in product creation and serves as the first tester. He climbs tables, lies around, leaves colourful paw prints and gamifies the whole work. This is how ideas for new constructions are born frequently.
Meet Ath
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